Small Companies In Canada Need Mobile Responsive Website Design To Compete

Small and mid-sized companies in Canada can more easily compete with large ones when they have a responsive website, research has shown. But what’s a responsive website? It’s a web presence designed with a variety of screen shapes and sizes in mind so that it will look just as good on a mobile device as on a desktop computer.
Here are some additional advantages of a mobile-responsive website for your small Canadian business:

You can reach more people. Customers and potential customers are more likely to engage with a site that looks good on whatever device they happen to be using. Almost all consumers use smart phones for at least a part of their online searching.
Your customers are there anyway. Since customers are already using their mobile devices for a variety of things, it makes sense to meet them where they are by providing a site that looks good on their mobile devices.
There’s only one site to maintain. In the past, companies sometimes had a separate mobile version of their website, but with a mobile-responsive website, only one version is necessary – and the site responds to show users a version that looks good on their devices.
Search engines like responsive sites. Google and other major search engines penalize or demote sites from top rankings if they don’t offer a responsible, mobile-friendly website version. If Google recommends it, you need to do it if you want your site to rank well.
You get better conversion. Whether you’re trying to get clicks on ads, bookings or leads, research shows that responsive sites covert better. It’s as simple as that. A mobile-friendly site can mean increases earnings and a stronger bottom line.
If you’re ready to move up the consistent experience and forward-compatibility of a responsive website for your small business in Canada, contact us now at CGS Infotech Canada. We design sites that meet today’s standards and impress today’s consumers.

How Can Small And Medium Companies In Vancouver Grow Their Businesses?

Every business needs to grow if it wants to survive, and it’s possible for small and mid-sized businesses in Vancouver and across Canada to grow if you take the right steps. Here are some things you can do to grow your business:
Get to know customers personally. That means talking to them and learning about their product and service needs. Personalize services if you can – and encourage feedback so you can always be learning.
Go a step beyond with customer service. Go beyond the industry standard in Vancouver with customer service so that clients can see and experience the difference your company provides.
Nurture existing client relationships. While gaining clients is important, so is nurturing existing relationships so you can get more for your current clients. This means keeping in touch and responding to needs as they arise. An email newsletter can help a lot
Use social media intelligently. Working with a social media strategy in place, promote your business to clients and potential clients in your part of Canada using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media channels. This way, you can meet customers where they already are.
Get a great website.With a great company website, you can play on a level field with larger companies. Professionalism and search engine optimization are crucial to success – and so are great, compelling images. Using a professional designer is better than trying to do this yourself.
Additionally, you can host events, give back to the community through charity initiatives and more. The community will appreciate that you offer a helping hand in addition to asking for their money and business.
And whatever you do, measure your results and keep doing what works best.
For help with your online presence and other information technology needs, we’re here for you at CGS Infotech Canada.

A Social Media Strategy Is Important For Small Businesses In Canada

Small business owners in Canada often try to take on too much. But you can’t do everything yourself. Some aspects of running your business need to be left to experienced professionals. When developing a social media strategy, for example, it makes sense to get some help.
Generally, a social media strategy should involve two parts:
Posting great and engaging content that spreads the word about your company and has the potential to “go viral” – that is, spread the word far beyond what you were expecting
Monitoring and responding to what’s being said about your business so you can create the narrative rather than letting disgruntled clients and the media shape the narrative for you.
Since social media happens mostly organically, the conversation about your company can quickly get out of control. Social media monitoring means you always know what’s being said so you can respond and reshape the conversation. If you don’t know what’s going on in the world as it relates to your company, you can’t effectively control your advertising and marketing strategy. And since you have other work to do, social media monitoring must be left to others.
Social media marketing is directly and indirectly promoting your company on top social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other key players. In some cases, this may involve paid advertising, but it often simply means posting unique, meaningful and interesting content for your customers and potential customers to spread. Once again, however, this is time-consuming work that needs to be done carefully and should be left to professionals here in Canada who have the time and resources to do it well.
At CGS Infotech Canada, social media marketing and monitoring is part of what we do for clients across Canada every day. We’re information technology professionals who want to do what’s right for you and your business. Why not contact us now?

Understanding The Canadian Website Design and Digital Media Industry

You may not know this, but people now actually get degrees in digital media. Dealing with websites, social media, reputation management and everything that goes along with these things is a full-time job for many people. Digital media is part of a large, modern economy in Canada that drives commerce for Canadian businesses of all sizes.
It’s such a big deal because every business that wants to succeed needs a variety of digital media services. At CGS Infotech Canada, we’re professionally trained and experienced experts in those services. Turn to us for online public relations, reputation management, social media marketing and related services that include graphic design, video commercials, email marketing, business email solutions, virtual phone systems and more.
While the digital economy is a relatively new and evolving things, CGS Infotech Canada isn’t new. Since the early days of Internet usage, we’ve been helping businesses around the world change the way they do business to include a digital online presence. In all, CGS Infotech Canada and our related companies have helped more than 5,000 businesses – many of which we continue to work with.
Our website design product is perhaps our most popular – and indeed it’s the most popular service requested from similar companies in Canada and around the world. While many small and mid-sized businesses now understand the need for a website, you may not yet be aware that a mobile app and social media presence is just as important today.
These things are all part of the modern digital economy of which all businesses must be a part, reluctant or not.
For digital marketing services you can trust from an established, professional company, turn to us at CGS Infotech Canada. We’re here for you in Vancouver and across the country – and we’re ready to exceed your expectations.

How CGS Infotech Canada Can Contribute To Canadian Small Businesses

Very simply put, we take care of technical things you don’t have time to do or don’t know how to do properly. That’s our job at CGS Infotech Canada. When you outsource your social media management, website design, reputation management and other information technology tasks to us, you’re making a smart decision for the future of your business.
When you outsource to us, we:

Offer accountability. Our professional team can work to meet your needs in measurable, real-world ways sure to make a difference in your bottom line. Not seeing results? We can try other things.
Have defined systems. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel since we already know how to handle most information technology tasks. Turn to us at CGS Infotech Canada when you need experienced help – not something else to do yourself.
Come with deep knowledge. While there are many digital marketing and media companies in Canada, we’re an experienced team of pros with access to even more industry-leading professionals around the globe. There’s no larger team than ours.
Can provide the content. You don’t have to worry about how to tell your story or what to say. We’ve done this hundreds of time before and can tell your story in a compelling way using the work of experienced, native-English copywriters.
Offer dependability. When you choose CGS Infotech Canada above other choices, you’re going with a company with more than 2 decades online experience – a long-time and proven reliable leader in our field.
Provide unmatched savings. Our prices are low and offer excellent savings over trying to handle your information technology needs yourself. You save when you choose CGS Infotech Canada.
Why not contact us now? Our team is waiting in Vancouver to hear from you and to meet your needs no matter where in Canada you are. We serve all of Canada with pride.
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